Legal + Controlled Mineral Statement

Learn more about Alert Tech SMT’s position regarding the following legal and controlled mineral topics.

Bribery + Fraudulent Misrepresentation of the Origin of Minerals

We will not offer, promise, give or demand any bribes, and will resist the solicitation of bribes to conceal or disguise the origin of minerals, to misrepresent taxes, fees and royalties paid to governments for the purposes of mineral extraction, trade, handling, transport and export.

Money Laundering

We will support efforts, or take steps, to contribute to the effective elimination of money laundering where we identify a reasonable risk of money-laundering resulting from, or connected to, the extraction, trade, handling, transport or export of minerals derived from the illegal taxation or extortion of minerals at points of access to mine sites, along transportation routes or at points where minerals are traded by upstream suppliers.

Payment of Taxes, Fees + Royalties Due to Governments

We will ensure that all taxes, fees, and royalties related to mineral extraction, trade and export from conflict-affected and high-risk areas are paid to governments and, in accordance with the company’s position in the supply chain, we commit to disclose such payments in accordance with the principles set forth under the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI).

Risk Management of Bribery + Fraudulent Misrepresentation

In accordance with the specific position of the company in the supply chain, we commit to engaging with suppliers, as appropriate, to improve and track performance with a view to preventing or instigating risks of adverse impacts through measurable steps taken.