SMT Capabilities + Tech Specs

Integrated Electronic Assembly Specifications

As a surface-mount technology (SMT) contract manufacturer, we offer a range of capabilities to support PCB assembly and fabrication. Learn more about our technical specifications and equipment below.


With offices in the U.S. and in Shenzhen, China, our fully integrated on-site sourcing process allows us to provide high-quality, cost-effective material sourcing nationwide and overseas. Capabilities include:

  • Seamless material sourcing and procurement
  • 33+ years of global sourcing experience
  • Established network of suppliers
  • On-site quality control
  • Parts reclamation
  • Lot control and traceability
  • Parts storage and lifetime buy
  • Alternate sourcing and comparison


Our streamlined PCB fabrication process benefits established international partnerships in the U.S. and China. Capabilities include:

  • Full-service fabrication
  • Build out services
  • Established PCB fabrication vendor relationships
  • International network


Our on-site turnkey PCB assembly services allow us to produce fully functional PCBAs, built, programmed and tested to customer specifications. Capabilities include:

  • Cable harness and point-to-point wiring
  • Sub-assembly
  • Enclosure modification and assembly
  • Final Unit Test (FUT)
  • Dedicated box build area with integrated material holding and testing
  • Burn in available to customer specification
  • Configure and build to order
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Prototype and volume production
  • New product introduction
  • Chassis and box build
  • Full system integration
  • Design review
  • Prototype, BOM and configuration control support
  • Stencil design
  • Integrated process development
  • Full-service documentation


By offering an extensive range of testing options, we work to ensure boards are fully functional and identify issues with non-functional or failed designs. Capabilities include:

  • Functional testing
  • FICT testing (TAKAYA Flying Probe Tester)
  • Board and system-level testing
  • RF performance to specification (frequency and power)
  • Custom test fixture and software implementation
  • Optical inspection
  • Compliance testing and support
  • Test fixtures and procedure


Combined with testing, our in-house PCB repair services allow us to assess, troubleshoot and problem solve for circuit board failure or obsolescence. Capabilities include:

  • Field service return and repair
  • End of Life (EOL)/obsolescence
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Custom board refurbishing

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