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Manufacturing Partner for
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Stabilize your procurement process with a manufacturing partner that you can trust.

The global supply chain is experiencing enormous uncertainty, leading to inconsistent product quality and production delays. With more and more manufacturing partners not adhering to process control or  proactively solving sourcing issues, something has to change. Many industry leaders are turning their sights to domestic procurement to guarantee product quality and consistent timeline deliverability. See how partnering with a US-based contract manufacturer like Alert Tech SMT can improve your next project.

High-Quality Products

All projects must pass rigorous in-house testing and quality control to receive the Alert Tech SMT stamp of approval.

Reliable Production

Consistency is key when moving from prototype to scaled production. We bring reliability to your manufacturing efforts so you can operate with confidence.

Cost Competitive

Stop passing fluctuating manufacturing costs through to your clients. We deliver consistent pricing to build your pricing around.

GPS Technology Client

“We called upon Alert Tech SMT to help us solve a difficult and complex rework and repair problem. They have developed and implemented a simplified process that has made us successful in order to meet our customers’ demand. Thanks to the whole Alert Tech SMT Team; you are great!”


Partnering with Alert Tech SMT

Get unparalleled support throughout the manufacturing process.

Speed u0026 Agility

From quick-turn quotations to turnkey assembly, processes are streamlined to keep projects moving forward efficiently.

Expert Problem Solving

Experienced in-house engineers forecast potential roadblocks and find unique solutions to manufacturing, design and scalability challenges.

Unrivaled Support

Our team is on-call during work hours to make changes, collaborate and quickly maneuver around sourcing issues.

Certifications & Organizations

IPC A-610 Certified