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Alert Tech SMT technician working in a designated anti-electrostatic discharge area

What is Electrostatic Discharge and How Does It Impact Electronics?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is happening around us all the time in our daily life. It’s
Brian Laney and Marge Laney

Manufacture Houston: Alert Tech SMT’s VP Talks Pivoting, Growth as a Family-Owned Business

What does navigating the global pandemic look like for a small, family-owned manufacturing business? That’s
Alert Tech SMT engineer working on design for manufacturing

What are the Benefits of Design for Manufacturing?

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is a process that helps optimize your board, translating the concept
Alert Tech SMT’s Adrian Leal behind the scenes with 7th Ward Speaks

Alert Tech SMT’s Adrian Leal Featured on 7th Ward Speaks Podcast

Did you catch the recent episode of the 7th Ward Speaks podcast on technology and
close up of Alert Tech SMT engineer recycling PCBs

4 Benefits of Harvesting Scarce Parts and Recycling PCBs

With electrical component shortages, supply chain issues and rising raw material costs, the interest in
crypto mining and ASIC mining farm illustration

Restoring Crypto Mining Machines Damaged During Import

If you follow crypto mining, you probably remember the big headlines from late 2021. China
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