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Alert Tech SMT to the Rescue: Performing Battlebot Repairs at Comicpalooza

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Chaos. Destruction. Robots. The stakes were high at the 2022 Comicpalooza Houston’s special Robotica attraction, where DIY robots battled each other for the crown.

Alert Tech SMT was proud to provide on-site repairs to the robots, called battlebots, as they fought their way toward victory before an audience. From buzzing behemoths to diminutive droids, the battlebots fought in four arenas categorized by weight class, including Fairyweights, Antweights, Beetleweights and a shared arena for the Heavyweights, Featherweights and Hobbyweight. The Alert Tech SMT team, including VP of Product and Sales Brian Laney, Account Executive Adrian Leal and some rising robotics enthusiasts whose parents may or may not be on our staff, worked alongside TV personality and robotics hotshot Martin Mason to get the bots back into fighting order. Mason is an official member of the Bad Kitty robotics team on Discovery’s “Battlebots” show.

Between performing triage on damaged battle bots, we had the chance to snap a few selfies with cosplay characters, catch our friend Khalil Vinson present Tech Fest Live, an upcoming one-day STEM event taking place in November, and visit with the locally owned shop, Electronic Parts Outlet. We also had the chance to connect with David Brunet of the nonprofit Innovation Spark who invited us to participate.

Comicpalooza Houston was held at the George R. Brown Convention Center from July 15 – 17, welcoming a weekend full of robotics and comic-inspired cosplay, gaming, celebrity guests and even some live action wrestling. The Robotica special attraction was hosted by Houston Area Combat Robotics (HACR).