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Circuits Assembly: Alert Tech SMT’s VP Shares Insights on the Production Sourcing Approach

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Want to scale up your PCBA production but worried about supply chain issues? Alert Tech SMT’s VP of Sales and Production Brian Laney tackled this topic in a recent article for Circuits Assembly. Laney shared his insights on why working with a contractor manufacturer that follows a production sourcing approach helps set you up for success in the long term.

Even when a design has been tested, moving that design from ideation or prototyping to larger-scale production takes a forward-looking approach. Are your design materials in high demand? Is there a limited supply? Are there alternative components that will be more economical in the long run? A contract manufacturer with a production sourcing approach can help engineers and business owners identify these things early on in the process.

“The sourcing approach, rather than the cost of the product or service provided by a supplier, is part of supply chain management and emphasizes customized results and strategic partnerships,” said Laney, adding that “emphasis on building meaningful buyer-supplier partnerships promotes collaboration, accountability, and innovation throughout the supplier lifecycle.”

In the big picture, this approach allows contract manufacturers like Alert Tech SMT to help clients reduce costs while improving supply chain efficiency and reliability. To learn more, read the full editorial on Circuits Assembly.