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Brian Laney and Marge Laney

Manufacture Houston: Alert Tech SMT’s VP Talks Pivoting, Growth as a Family-Owned Business

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What does navigating the global pandemic look like for a small, family-owned manufacturing business? That’s one of the main questions posed by the Manufacture Houston podcast in a recent episode featuring Alert Tech SMT’s VP of Sales and Product Brian Laney.

From industry-wide shifts to unprecedented supply chain disruptions, Laney shares a behind-the-scenes look at the journey Alert Tech went through to launch the surface mount technology (SMT) division — and why it serves a critical purpose in supporting today’s printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) market.

“I have to credit Marge, our CEO, for her ballsy play of saying, ‘We’re just going to do this in-house. We’ve been manufacturing for [30 years], we have the processes in place, we know how to do what we need to do,” he said. The rest is history in the making.

Learn more about how Alert Tech SMT is bringing scaled SMT PCBA to Houston on the Manufacture Podcast. Hosted by Mush Khan, Manufacture Houston serves as a resource for the local community to learn, share and grow by featuring the people, companies and makers who care about creating the world’s leading manufacturing ecosystems in the city. Listen to the full podcast here.