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Alert Tech SMT’s Adrian Leal behind the scenes with 7th Ward Speaks

Alert Tech SMT’s Adrian Leal Featured on 7th Ward Speaks Podcast

| News | Electronics Manufacturing

Did you catch the recent episode of the 7th Ward Speaks podcast on technology and human connection?

Account Executive Adrian Leal sat down with the hosts of the Houston-based podcast — whose name is a nod to a Houston-centric digital space — to share insights on how Alert Tech SMT is supporting entrepreneurs through US-based electronics manufacturing.

“Most ‘enginerds’ — as we call ourselves — we sit in front of a computer, or we sit in our lab and we think we have a great idea but we can’t go to the next step,” Leal said.

“For me, it’s taking those guys and girls who have these new ideas and bringing it to the forefront to somebody, the consumer or the businessman or businesswoman, who needs that new innovation that they normally would not see,” he continued. “At Alert Tech SMT, we are actively supporting startups in their prototype stage and even in production. That way, they don’t have to go overseas or even out of the city.”

Listen to the full podcast at 7th Ward Speaks.