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the Alert Tech SMT team helping take your printed circuit board from prototype to production

Going From Prototype to Production

| Electronics Manufacturing | PCB Assembly

Many companies in the contract manufacturing industry won’t touch an idea. They want the completed design that they can load on the machines and run at scale. That’s not the case with Alert Tech SMT. We believe that tomorrow’s large order starts with a partnership today. That’s why our customer-first approach prioritizes problem solving, streamlined manufacturing and reliable product development — from prototype to production.

At Alert Tech SMT, we often get approached by business owners, solution creators and other folks looking to take a concept to design or create a workaround for a now-scarce component of a critical system for their business. We’re not only ready for the challenge but are here to help guide you through the process — providing insights and a rundown of what to expect when searching for a contract manufacturer that provides electrical engineering services.

Before we get started, we’d like to share a note about prices: We offer them here to give you some perspective on what this path might cost. There are certainly situations when there are lower prices, but also higher. To provide full transparency, we are committed to being upfront with our engineering costing to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the process.

Let’s talk a look at the process of bringing a project from prototype to production.

Request a Quote

Fill out our online form or email info@alerttechsmt.com to tell us about your project. Include as much information as you can. Keep in mind, we value and maintain your privacy and ideas. We are happy to sign an NDA and make you feel comfortable. IP protection is a core benefit in domestic production.  

  • The environment the device will be working in 
  • The problem you are trying to solve.  
  • A narrative of all inputs and outputs 
  • Any sketches or diagrams you have developed 
  • Any similar end of life or unobtainable alternative systems 
  • Feel free to call our sales team at 800-366-8742×108 or 110 and discuss the project and hear about our process firsthand.  

Pre-Meeting (No Cost)

Our sales department, engineering and production team will meet to review your information and come up with useful and detailed questions to ask you in the next step. Even small projects usually have us chatting for at least one hour.  

Customer Invitational Meeting (No Cost)  

You and your team will be invited to meet with the Alert Tech SMT team onsite or virtually, depending in your preference. We will work with you to fully understand your product and its vision and define the requirements so that our engineers can move forward. Our goal is to make sure you leave this meeting with thoughtful and valuable insights. 

Block Diagram/System Design ($3000+) 

This step is where we start to bring your idea into reality. By breaking your requirements out into independent stages and substages of operation, we begin designing a diagram that will not only be useful to your project but will serve as an important part of your intellectual property. Typically, this is where we begin sourcing components needed to solve the tasks defined in the product’s functional flow. Whether you move forward with Alert Tech SMT or take this design elsewhere, having a precise and carefully thought-out block diagram is critical for success.

Schematic Design ($3000+) 

This step brings the block diagram into electronics and circuit design. We will work on finding the best component for each of the requirements and graphically representing each of the required connections. No detail is too fine to capture at this stage as we develop a complete schematic set.

Routing/PCB Design ($5000+) 

The schematic is the recipe. The BOM, Gerber and CAD data is the complete package. Our team will bring our 100+ years of combined knowledge of PCB design and layout to the forefront of your project. This will include making sure we have all the required mounting and connection locations, power input/outputs and environmental requirements fully articulated into a complete design ready for manufacturing.

Prototype (Priced per Piece)  

Our design team will be working with our process engineers through the process of PCB design, which will make Design for Manufacturing (DFM) a principle that is included throughout our engagement. However, every new board needs to be tested in the real world. This is the phase of the process where we will prototype, test and possibly repeat. Once the system proves itself, you’re ready to move to production.  

Software Development ($5000+) 

Certain systems will need firmware or other instructions developed for them. Alert Tech SMT has in-house firmware development and can even support web-stack/IoT development to get your data from your device to the cloud or vice versa.  

Production (Priced at Quantity)  

No aspect of working with a contract engineer who is part of a contract manufacturing team is more compelling than knowing that your PCB will move from design to production with people who intimately know the board and the process of making it. Our team will be ready to help you scale and to source parts at scale to keep you moving forward.  

The team at Alert Tech SMT is here to help you bring your project from concept to design. We recognize that this is a multi-step process that requires support and transparency each step of the way. If you have additional questions or would like to talk to our in-house team about your next project, please reach out to us. You can also learn more about our prototyping services here.